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ORACLE RAC 19c Training - April 2024

Live training by Vivek Pandey

  • Ended
  • 25,000 Indian rupees
  • Online Live Class

Service Description

Become an expert with our ORACLE RAC 19c Training, a detailed live training of the intermediate course in Oracle RAC. Our experienced trainers will guide you through every aspect of Oracle RAC. Enroll now and take your career to the next level. **RAC SYLLABUS** Module 1: RAC Introduction and Architecture Understanding: - Gain an overview of RAC (Real Application Clusters). - Explore RAC's architecture and its database components. - Understand RAC instance background processes. - Comprehend the essentials of Grid Infrastructure. Module 2: RAC Installation and Configuration: - Learn installation prerequisites and node preparation. - Configure the OS environment for RAC. - Install Grid Infrastructure and database software. - Create a RAC database. Module 3: Automatic Storage Management (ASM): - Dive into ASM (Automatic Storage Management). - Explore ASM initialization parameters. - Access and manage ASM instances. - Handle ASM startup, shutdown, and disk group creation. - Manage databases, tablespaces, redo logs, and control files on ASM. Module 4: RAC Instance Management: - Master starting and stopping RAC databases and instances. - Understand RAC database parameters (identical and unique). - Learn to change parameter values. - Administer undo tablespaces and redo logs in RAC. Module 5: Adding and Deleting Nodes in RAC: - Prepare a 3rd node for addition to the existing environment. - Add a 3rd node to the existing RAC setup. - Verify the environment after adding the new node. - Learn the process of deleting a 3rd node from the RAC setup. Module 6: RAC Patching: - Explore prerequisites for RAC patching. - Patch the RAC setup in a rolling manner using manual methods. - Utilize OPatchauto for rolling patching. - Understand how to rollback patches. - Address patching-related issues. Module 7: Troubleshooting RAC Issues: - Identify and troubleshoot various RAC issues. - Explore effective solutions to resolve RAC-related problems. This comprehensive RAC syllabus covers architecture, installation, configuration, ASM, instance management, node management, patching, and troubleshooting. Join our RAC training to enhance your expertise in Oracle Real Application Clusters.

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